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We aren't called LOVE for gimmicks or show, we're called LOVE because that's exactly how we want you to feel leaving our studio

Sweaty, tired, inspired, and loved.

Love from us as we welcome you into our studio, love from our instructors leading you through a climb, sharing their own journey. Love from those pedaling next to you, knowing you're not alone; but most of all, love for yourself. Love for the strength of your body, the strength of your mind, and for the 45 minutes you decided to shut out everything else and sweat with us.


Katy T. - Yelp

I was dragged to a 630am class by my sister. I have to say I am not a morning person, especially on Saturdays but Jenn was so awesome. This staff are all EXTREMELY welcoming to new people and I felt the love from everyone, even my fellow cyclist. The song selections are upbeat and fun, they offer bananas/water, as well as cold towels to clean you off right away. I appreciated the instructor taking the time to do everything with us, she seemed so passionate and made everything look amazingly easy (though I wasn't as graceful). She knew people names and was motivating. I really enjoyed this class and will come back every chance I get!

Tara W. - Yelp

Like other spin companies, there is a bit of encouraging mantras and inspiring sayings throughout the class. Normally these would be vom worthy to me but it totally works here and isn't overdone. Never at any point have I felt like I'm in a dumb IG fitspo post or being indoctrinated into a cult which is refreshing!

Emma A. - Yelp

Love cycling studio is hands down the best studio I have ever been too. The staff is extremely helpful, they help you set up your bike and get you the weights you want. The front desk is also understanding if you need to switch to a different class. The instructors play amazing music and I feel like there is an instructor for each personality type. You don't feel like you are working out bc it is fast paced and you dance the whole time. I leave drenched in sweat. 10/10 recommend you try it!! Megan and David's class are my favorite because they are very inspirational, play fire tunes, and it is like my 45 minute therapy.

Britt C. - Yelp

Alright....I have found my happy place. And didn't think that would be at a place where it kicks my butt. In the best way possible though!

I have been to quite a few other studios in the Austin area but this one takes the cake. The facility is immaculate and beautiful. All of the staff were very helpful and welcoming. I felt very welcomed by not just staff but other routine riders as well! Literally, EVERYONE said hi, smiled, helped and talked to me. Everything that epitomizes Austin, TX.

My instructor Megan, was FABULOUS. I see why she is so popular! So much energy, so much positivity, and such a bada**. Megan you kicked my butt and I loved every minute of it. I will see you again very soon!

Nathan H. - Yelp

I don't know how I get through the days when I DON'T get to go to class. I Love this place so so much. I just moved here and to me, it's a little community of like-minded people who are incredibly friendly and fun. Some days I go in to hit it super hard and sweat my face off and some days I go in with the intention of just dancing around on my bike a lot! haha- it's a non- judgment zone! David is AWESOME, Melissa is super fun and energetic... and I've heard great things about everyone else.

Seth W. - Yelp

These guys are the best! I was on the waitlist for a sold out class and the front desk was super helpful in coordinating to squeeze me in for my first class and making sure I got the right shoe size. They even helped adjust my bike so that I could follow the correct form.

The instructor, David, was a rockstar too. Super motivating, great music, and the class was well-paced to accommodate riders at any level. Highly recommended to first timers and experienced riders alike. Easy online reservation process too.

Courtney H. - Yelp

Heaven is a place on Earth aka I love LOVE! Whenever I am feeling down and out in my fitness/health journey, I book a class. So far, I've had classes with Bryan and Melissa. I've cried tears of joy every time. Each class I feel inspired to push myself and temporarily let go of whatever is bothering me. It sounds so corny but it is so true. I never knew I could feel so free and light while exercising! Also, the music is so good! It's great to see my progress as well because my first class I was in the saddle a lot but overtime I have definitely been able to keep up with the instructors and that is definitely rewarding! The workout is exhilarating.

Sarah D. - Yelp

Well, all you need is LOVE. There's power in LOVE. What's LOVE got to do with it? Everything! I mean everything: friendliest and fittest instructors, impressive workouts, a video wall, amazing bikes, shoes, awesome facility, cold eucalyptus towels for dessert, bananas.

This is the best spin studio in Austin. Hands down. Get thee to LOVE. Cuz who doesn't need more LOVE?

Lisa B. - Yelp

This is the friendliest and cleanest workout in Austin Texas. New to Austin? Or just short on exercising buddies? Not for long if you come to Love. The classes are amazing. Like a group ride. A real sense of community . Did I mention killer workout? KILLER. Great calorie burn, leave feeling exhilarated and ready to kick ass on the day. Maria and David and Stephanie are the owners and they will do whatever it takes to

Insure you have a positive experience. I exercise all over town and I have to say as far as customer service , quality of class, quality of instructors, Melissa, Megan, Jenn C, Jennifer, Morgan, Megan, or Bryan's classes will make you feel LOVED. Bonus they sell great workout clothes. How can you not LOVE it?

Samira Samuels - Google

BEST CYCLING STUDIO IN AUSTIN. PERIOD. and 5:45AM class is so great for those of us who work fairly early in the morning. Also - they have a VIDEO WALL, and themed rides (I love the Beyoncé themed rides, endless motivation) What more could you want? Jenn Goldman and Bryan Gonzales’ classes are the only two instructors I’ve had the chance to ride with but I know everyone is awesome. 100/100!

Wes Wigginton - Google

My 5:45 am church!! Love my pre-dawn family of like minded crazy people who come together and sweat it out with the Love team. It’s such a safe “no judgement” zone to come to and work on your own personal growth. Love instructors are truly the best in Austin.

Alex Baker Hude - Google

Love changed my life in the best ways possible. I was skeptical when a friend recommended it and I felt insecure and anxious until the second I started my first class. I’m so grateful that I got over myself and went for it because Love made me physically and mentally strong in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I’ve moved out of state and miss it more than any other place in Austin!

Jill DiSorbo - Google

What's not to LOVE? Fresh new facility--nice dressing rooms/showers. Awesome workout with really great music and powerful words from the instructors. Staff is like family. One of the best workouts in town. *Enjoy a chilled eucalyptus towel after your class. And if you're hungry, you can grab a gain back a few of the 500+ calories you just burned.

Maura Cosgrove - Google

LOVE is my absolute favorite place to be! Yes its a kick in the butt, however it is uplifting, inspiring, and fun! Every time I walk out of there I feel like a stronger, better person! The studio is beautiful, the staff is fabulous! I look forward to everyone of my classes! I try to spread the LOVE by inviting any and everyone that I know!

Larry West - Google

The most amazing experience. I truly felt the love.

Michele Schwartz - Facebook

So happy to get to share my love for Love Cycling Studio and my favorite instructor Maria Groten in this year's survey for Austin Fit Magazine. No hyperbole here---my workouts at Love have helped my mental health as much as my happy pills.

Lauren Goldstein - Facebook

Y’all listen good... I’ve found the secret to working out. Find a place where the beats are bumping, fellow woo girls yell encouragement, and the studio is dark enough that no one can see you grimace when you bust through your limits.

Jill Travis Battle - Facebook

I did my 1st spin class today at LOVE cycling studio. It was SO fun! Great sweaty workout! Left feeling energized and excited about LIFE.

Lori McAdams - Facebook

The ONLY fitness class I’ve ever taken where I literally can’t take the biggest, cheesiest smile off my face. No matter the intensity, regardless the tension, I’m still smiling. I go to this class because it takes my energy to a whole nother level. It’s not just a group fitness class. And, I know it has everything to do with the instructor, David Garza.

Jenny Wren - Facebook

Feeling like a million bucks after a fantastic class with Kim!! Y’all, if you have never tried one of their classes, I PROMISE you will LOVE it! (Pun intended.) Seriously- AMAZING!!

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was born out of a passion for the ride experience combined with a strong bond of community. My joy and enthusiasm for this type of fitness led me to believe I could make a long time dream come true. Our team is strongly dedicated to ensuring the experience one has at LOVE is one of warmth and community first, followed by an amazing and inspirational work out.”

– Stephanie Kincheloe