LOVE Stories: Meet Caryl

LOVE Stories: Meet Caryl

Sat Sep 30, 2017

Did you know September is National Addiction Recovery Month? If the answer is no, you’re probably not alone. Even though addiction affects so many of us – fathers, sons, mothers, coworkers, brothers and sisters –  it’s often swept under the rug and considered taboo to discuss.

We want to help shed the stigma and to celebrate the gains made by those in recovery. With eleven years of recovery under her belt, Caryl Burnett is one of our amazing riders at LOVE Cycling Studio who is winning the fight against alcohol addiction.

Caryl first discovered LOVE Cycling Studio because we share a parking garage (you know the one!) with her husband’s Chiropractic office. Never having considered herself a “fitness chick” before, she debated coming into the studio for about a year before she finally made the leap. Thanks in part to her husband for coming along with her for the first class!

“I thought I was going to die in the first 30 seconds of my first class…but the LOVE 101 classes really helped me gain my stamina and work on my form.”

Not long after, she was attending three classes a week and eventually five classes a week. Recognizing that having an addictive personality is a part of who she is, Caryl chooses to channel it into activities like exercise.

“I’m not ashamed of being an alcoholic. It got me and my husband where we are today and I wouldn’t have my life any other way. When you stop drinking and the desire is no longer there, then what? You can only find something that makes your mind and your heart clear.”

Coming from 25 years in the beauty industry, when Caryl saw the section in her closet for athletic gear growing, it really became clear to her how much of an impact cycling was having on her life. Standing in front of the closet one day, Caryl’s husband even jokingly said, “Nice new wardrobe you’re getting there!”

As a major planner – we’re not kidding she books all her appointments for the year on Jan. 1 – being able to book your bike in advance has been huge for Caryl. After a recent trip to Kansas City she shared with us that she called a local cycling studio there ahead of time and asked, “Can you book which bike you’d like ahead of time? Do you have a music video wall?”

“I’m very spoiled going to LOVE, the amenities, the wide variety of instructors from age to race to music preferences, I really love the whole package that Stephanie and Maria have built!” 

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