LOVE Stories: Meet Debbie

LOVE Stories: Meet Debbie

Mon Sep 18, 2017

In honor of Deaf Awareness Week, we are so excited to highlight one of our incredible riders—Debbie. Despite not being able to hear the loud music that fills the LOVE studio, Debbie still rides to the fast beats of classes by internalizing the rhythm and using vibrations to stay on beat.

Debbie first found LOVE while on the search for a workout both she and her husband could enjoy. After taking her first LOVE 101 class with Jenn Chorazy, she was hooked. She started taking other instructors, frequenting David and Maria’s classes. She became so in love with the studio’s classes, she decided she wanted to host her birthday party in the studio with a special class.

“I wanted to have my birthday celebration there, and I invited many of my deaf friends.  Maria was truly wonderful by creating a video of all the people who use American Sign Language for my birthday class.”

Debbie has been a consistent participant in athletic activities throughout her life. When she was in high school, she was a member of the cheerleading squad. At the time, she was the first deaf person to be selected to her school’s cheerleading squad.

“It was important to me that I strived to be as good as other cheerleaders.  During cheers, chants or dance routines, I always made sure to be on the right move or beat or pace.”

Today, she maintains that same drive and dedication in her workouts at LOVE by pushing herself in class and not letting anything hold her back. She uses instructor cues to stay in tune with the rhythm of the class.

“When I take classes with Maria and David, they make sure to let me know what is happening next so I can spin on the same rhythm as others. What really helps in their classes is they use signs for ‘right’ and ‘left’ and for counting – ‘up’, ‘down’, ‘fast’, ‘hard’, and ‘1,2,3...’. ”

While classes at LOVE push Debbie and provide a great workout, the community and atmosphere of the studio keep her coming back.

“I always recognize so many faces while in the studio. One of my former ASL students works at the studio and I am always happy to see her there. We are able to communicate through American Sign Language which is AWESOME!”

The exciting lighting and overall aesthetic of the LOVE studio allows Debbie to still experience the one-of-a-kind cycling environment.

“I am profoundly deaf, but I am able to feel the beat because of the vibrations and that makes me feel like I can ‘hear’ the music! What I love the most is the visual lighting in the room. As a deaf person, I am extremely visual and the environment in the room is AMAZING!”

Debbie loves the accommodations the studio offers. She encourages first-time deaf riders to meet with the instructor before class to make sure the entire experience is a positive one. 

“The LOVE staff really is there for you. David and Maria constantly make an extra effort to communicate with me and make sure I know what I need to do next. They go the extra mile because at LOVE it truly is a family atmosphere.”

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