Love Stories: Meet Jena

Love Stories: Meet Jena

Sat Nov 18, 2017

We’re grateful to have such a strong and supportive community at LOVE, and one of our riders that continuously impacts us with her positive energy and genuinely kind nature is Jena Ehlinger. 


Working out has always been a huge part of Jena’s life. She shared a passion for working out with her late husband – who loved triathlons and marathons. Tragically, Jena’s late husband had a heart condition that they didn’t know about, and in March of 2013, during the swim portion of the Alcatraz triathlon, he had a heart attack and died instantly. 


“I was waiting at the finish line of the swim portion and got the call. It’s the phone call that no one ever wants and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I feel like if I had not taken care of myself all those years through exercise and eating right and building my faith, I wouldn’t have gotten through it. I needed every ounce of muscle, peace and trust just to breathe.”


A year after her husband passed away, Jena tore her ACL snow skiing with her 3 kids and started riding the bike during rehab. While rehab peaked her interest in cycling, she attributes her discovery of LOVE Cycling Studio to her daughter. 


I find LOVE really enjoyable because I get to go to class with my daughter. I have learned that there are always blessings from any setback and I would probably have never discovered my love of Love without my knee injury and my daughter helping me be brave to try it. I love that you can see yourself improving. It’s very humbling. You kind of go in thinking ‘oh I ran a half marathon, this will be easy’ but no it’s hard! And I love that each class is so different with new music, new energy and lots of fun.””


Unlike going on a run alone, Jena enjoys how LOVE brings people together during class. 


It is a community of strangers coming together to get stronger, mentally, spirituality, and physically. We’re all in there sweating it out and there’s something beautiful about it. Even if you don’t know someone, you feel like you’re pushing each other and growing together. There’s such a cool connection that happens in there. We need more of that in the world.” 


Jena also shared with us that she feels all the instructors bring a lot of joy to class and she always leaves the studio feeling good and excited about life.  Maria is a close friend and because of the loss both have experienced they have a very special bond. 


“Exercise, sweat, pushing myself, working hard to get better at spin and being around the energy of others dealing with their own pain and struggles has given me A LOT of healing. Knowing I got out of my comfort zone of just running and being vulnerable to learn something new and challenging has also been great for me.”


We admire how Jena has overcome adversity and harnessed her passion for exercise to be a stronger person and mom for her three children. 


“My kids only have one parent now so I have to do everything in my power to get stronger and healthier and happier every day. And I can do that at LOVE!”

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