More reasons to LOVE Allen

More reasons to LOVE Allen

Wed Oct 25, 2017

Meet one of our incredible team members, Allen. He is well-known in the studio for his kind, helpful attitude. His passions and hobbies outside of the studio, however, make him even more interesting. Allen enjoys a range of athletic activities including rock climbing, archery, boxing, scuba diving, weightlifintg, and plyometric workouts.

“LOVE has helped me focus on my true passions and given me the encourgament to pursue them. To quote a phrase, ‘Life’s too short to live someone else’s dreams.’ The studio and its community have helped give me the confidence to realize what I want to become.”

While athletic activities are a large and important part of Allen’s lifestyle, his other passion is for music, especially playing guitar and singing. Recently, Allen was featured in an Austin Fit Magazine article, Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll.

In the article, Allen is complemented as being a true Austinite as the city is known for two things—fitness and music—both of which encapsulate his lifestyle. He admits he loves the challenge, variety, freedom, and drive to be a better musician and athlete.

“Music has been my foundation. The hard work, failures, successes, rejections, and lessons learned have made me stronger and more patient. From a technical standpoint, the practices needed in singing have helped me better my breathing technique when running.”

While Allen plays his music and works hard at LOVE, his goal is to promote a positive reaction both in exercise and music. Allen’s positive outlook adds to the growing fitness industry in Austin. He’s so thankful to be a part of the LOVE community and the studio’s success.

“Together fitness and music motivate me to stay healthy spiritually, mentally, artistically, and physically.”

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