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LOVE 101

If you're just getting started or if you want to get back to basics, this is the class for you! We'll make sure you get the extra attention you need to build your confidence and prepare you for the next level of instruction. We'll teach you how to set your bike up properly, help you with your form on the bike, and provide an introduction to the basic rhythmic moves that make a class fun and productive. It’s not all work and no play, you will also get in a full body workout embodying your core and arms with weights during your 45-minute journey.


If you're looking for a 45-minute rhythmic ride that incorporates the entire body, this is your class. Let the music move you as our rockstar instructors challenge you to step outside your comfort zone and transform you inside and out. Ride to the beat with tapbacks, push ups, crunches, intervals and an arm workout with weights. This class will leave you feeling elated, exhausted and ready to come back for more!


Exactly like the Higher Love class....just 60 minutes long. Enjoy!


New to cycling?
Let's get acquainted

507 Pressler, Suite 900 | Austin, TX 78703
512-761-3398 |

Located on the ground level of the Pressler Apartments.
Park free in the building garage.
Enter from the 5th street sidewalk.

LOVE empowers you to...
Sweat out what stresses you.
Release what weighs you.
Tap into what's inside you.
Enjoy more of what life offers you.