Our Experience

We are dedicated to elevating your indoor cycling experience in Austin by offering unparalleled service, personalized treatment and an inspiring 45 minutes. We hope you can sweat out what stresses you, release what weighs you, tap into what’s inside you and enjoy more of what life offers you. Our goal is to build your confidence, encourage and inspire you, transform and move you from the moment you walk in the door.

Our Bikes

We're the first studio in Austin to offer the state-of-the-art Schwinn A.C. Performance Plus bikes with Carbon Blue technology.

Our Storage

Enjoy built-in USB charging ports in every locker. Charge it up while tapping it back!


Experience the sensation of cooling down with chilled, eucalyptus-spritzed face towels after your ride.


Both the men's and women's lockers rooms are equipped with soothing showers, complimentary towels and spa-like amenities. We serve complimentary coffee to kick start your ride and your day. No matter your need, you will be received with warm, hospitable service by our entire team from the moment you walk in until you depart.

Water Offering

We offer locally-owned and operated CLEAN water. With every purchase, 50% of the profits support recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. CLEAN water is sourced from the Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer located just outside Elgin. (Did you know that Carrizo-Wilcox is actually the second largest aquifer in North America? Yep, it's true.) The water goes through a proprietary purification process including reverse osmosis and ultra-violet filtering and comes in recycled PET and BPA-free bottles!

Our team

Building a brand and space takes a village. We LOVE our team that brought our vision to life:
Studio Consultant: Indoor Cycle Design
Creative Agency: well+done DESIGN
Architect: Doug Frey
Construction: S.WattsGroup


New to cycling?
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507 Pressler, Suite 900 | Austin, TX 78703
512-761-3398 | info@lovecyclingstudio.com

Located on the ground level of the Pressler Apartments.
Park free in the building garage.
Enter from the 5th street sidewalk.

LOVE empowers you to...
Sweat out what stresses you.
Release what weighs you.
Tap into what's inside you.
Enjoy more of what life offers you.