“Everyone has a story that will break your heart. And, if you're really paying attention, most people have a story that will bring you to your knees”

- Brene Brown

Grace Montie

Grace is a professional actor when she's not on the spin bike - working primarily in commercials, film & TV! She's had several movies premiere on the Lifetime network this year, as well as a few national ad campaigns & commercials. She originally hails from Dallas, TX - although she spent much of her adult life in Los Angeles before moving to Austin in 2021!

She considers herself more of an artist than an athlete, and her deep love of music led to her falling in love with spin. She's also a certified RYT, as well as a certified Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor.

In her class you can expect to have lots of fun, dance around a bunch, and get into your feels a little bit too. Her goal in every class is to point you back to yourself & your own inherent worth.