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Our Experience

We are dedicated to elevating your indoor cycling experience in Austin by offering unparalleled service, personalized treatment and an inspiring 45 minutes. We hope you can sweat out what stresses you, release what weighs you, tap into what’s inside you and enjoy more of what life offers you. Our goal is to build your confidence, encourage and inspire you, transform and move you from the moment you walk in the door.

Our Bikes

We offer the state-of-the-art Schwinn A.C. Performance Plus bikes with Carbon Blue technology.

Our Amenities

No matter your need, you will be received with warm, hospitable service by our entire team from the moment you walk in until you depart!

  • We offer personal, coded lockers equipped with USB charges so that you can charge up while tapping it back!
  • We offer complimentary towels for class on every bike.
  • We provide cycling shoes to rent for $3, or if you have your own shoes, we support both SPD and LOOK cleats.
  • We offer locally-owned and operated CLEAN water for sale, or you can fill up your water bottle at our provided water station.
  • Our studio has a dedicated bike concierge to help you get set up, position and adjust the bike to fit you properly, and more. If it is your first time, we'll show you extra love to get you all set up!
  • Experience the sensation of cooling down with chilled, eucalyptus-spritzed face towels after your ride.
  • Both the men's and women's locker rooms are equipped with soothing showers, complimentary towels and spa-like amenities.
  • We serve complimentary coffee and bananas to kick start your ride and your day!

How is a love cycling class different from a gym cycling class?

At LOVE, we go beyond physical movement. We'll move you musically, physically, emotionally and maybe even spiritually. You'll depart with a newfound connection to your body and its ability. No matter where you position yourself on the fitness scale, you are welcome and you are loved.

How many calories should I expect to burn in a 45-minute class?

Everybody is different, but on average you can expect to burn 400-700 calories. Calorie burn depends on several factors, like your weight and how much you put into the ride.

If I haven't worked out in a while, how do I pace myself in class?

Just go at your own pace. Lessen the resistance level on the bike, pedal at a rate that works for you, and don't do the choreography until you feel ready! Keep pushing yourself though and you'll find that your abilities will increase with every ride.

How do I book a class?

Just go to the Classes page, choose the day and class you'd like, then follow the prompts to reserve your space.

If I'm going to a class with friends, do we all need to book separately?

Each person will need to sign up for their first ride and complete a little information about yourself. Once you have established an account, you may, of course, show your friend a little LOVE and book a class for her/him.

Do you offer discounts if I buy more than one class at a time?

Yes, we offer a per class system or provide you with Class Package options that are discounted based upon the Class Package you select. The more you ride, the more LOVE we show you!

Do you offer reserved lockers?

Lockers are available in the women's locker room as well as within our studio. Please feel free to grab any locker that is available. All of our lockers include a USB port so you can charge while you ride.

Do you offer monthly membership?

We offer a pay-per-class and package pricing system -- that way you're only purchasing classes that you actually use. If you're riding regularly, our class series packages offer a price discount.

What should I wear to class?

Something comfortable that allows you to move is best. You're going to work it, so wear something that's light and keeps you cool. We do require cycling shoes, you may bring your own or rent them in-studio. We also offer retail for sale if you happen to forget anything!

Can I wear tennis/running shoes rather than cycling shoes to class?

Our bikes do not offer shoe cages so we require you wear cycling shoes in class. We offer two types of clip on pedal options, SPD and LOOK Delta. We offer them for rent or you may bring your own shoes.

What is the minimum age and height to take a class?

Anyone 12 years old and up can ride with us. We ask that riders be at least 4'11" to best fit on our bikes and ensure rider safety.

If I'm pregnant, can I take a class?

We'd love to help you stay fit with your pregnancy. Please do check with your doctor and discuss his or her recommendation before you join us in a class.

Will someone show me how to get set up a on bike and how to ride?

We have a friendly LOVE team who will help you get set up on your bike and ensure that you have everything you need. As well, our instructors will guide you throughout class and provide modifications if needed.

Do you offer showers?

Both the men's and women's locker rooms are equipped with showers, complimentary towels and spa-like amenities.

Can I hangout before or after class?

Sure! We'd LOVE to visit with you.